Thursday, June 19, 2014

why, hello there! (part 2)

Some more...
dress: target
cupcake: sprinkles (happy birthday to me!)
shoes: clark's 
sweater: loft
button up: f21
skirt: loft
boots: nordstrom via last chance 
scarf: h&m
sweater: loft
tee: loft 
Life as a blonde, haha
sweater: loft
skirt: f21
shoes: target 
I have no idea who this girl is, but she sat across from me in the library and I liked her outfit.
top: j.crew
skirt: loft
Yeah, Polar Vortex.
sweatshirt: BR outlet 
Saturday brunch with classmates.
Standard winter attire.
Freezing winter.
My thoughts on going to the gym.
navy dress and cardi: j.crew outlet
necklace: f21
Yep, just double shouldering it.
cardi: BR
tank: target
jacket: nordstrom via last chance
top: target

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rnj24 said...

So excited you are back,