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teachers college reading and writing project (tcrwp) summer reading and writing institutes notes

these are the books i'm currently reading or have read this summer.  (you should see the pile of books that are on deck.  i better get going.)  these books are so dang good, and i highly recommend them.

1. home of the brave.  i learned about this book during grad school.  all the tcrwp staff developers loved it, so i thought i'd better pick it up.  what a sweet book!  i loved it.  i laughed and cried.  i can hardly wait to read it with my class this fall.  it's written as free verse poetry (think out of the dust, hate that cat, love that dog), which i think is such a wonderful respite from prose.

2. pathways to the common core.  i like the approach calkins, ehrenworth, and lehman have taken while writing about the common core.  sure, we all have our gripes and complaints, but the bottom line is that we have use it to guide our teaching.  they take each standard, break it down, and then share ways to reach the lofty goals.

3. what really matters in response to intervention.  obsessed with this book.  i think all my colleagues should read it.  i love the way dick allington presents research study after research study supporting why we teach/have the students do what we do (i.e. volume, stamina, matching readers and texts, small groups, etc.).

4. the literacy teacher's playbook grades 3-6.  this book is pure genius.  serravallo has been a teacher and was a staff developer, so she's been in the real trenches of the elementary school classroom.  this book is focused on gleaning information for instruction by using common student artifacts as assessment.  so good.  i've been recommending it to all my teacher friends.  (i know she just published a k-2 edition.)

5. great ways to differentiate mathematics instruction.  this is for preK-8.  small shares two strategies to differentiate: open questions and parallel tasks.  she takes each standard and then shares examples of open questions and parallel tasks to use in the classroom.  she also breaks it up according to grade level: preK-2, 3-5, 6-8.  i know i'll be pulling this book out a few times a week to help my math instruction.

6. tcrwp summer institutes notes.  last summer i attended the two week-long workshops; two weeks total.  i was so busy writing personal narratives and reading responses and then reading 100+ pages a night that i didn't get to really read the packets.  (i had to do all of that because i was taking them for grad school credit.)  the packets were so insightful and helpful.

hope you found this helpful.  if you have any recommendations, please share.  next month i hope to have more children's chapter books read.

**i was able to find some of these books for only several dollars on amazon in the new/used sections.

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