Friday, June 27, 2014

june 26

before i get to today's outfit {or shall i say the week's outfit}, i thought i'd share a few photos from summer happenings.

straight from new york city, i flew to salt lake city for my cousin's wedding weekend.  i had such a good time just being able to slow down and enjoy my family.  coming from a family of 6 kids {3 of which are married and then from those 3 there are 12 grandkids}, it's a semi-annual event being all together.  talk about crazy and fun.  i'm one lucky girl to have them.
i hope my lack of a tan, new york city skin didn't blind you.
dress: nordstrom via last chance {i should do a whole blog post on my love for/with last chance!}

 here we are!
6 kids, mom, and dad.  {minus 3 spouses and 12 grandkids}
and yes, your counting is correct: 5 girls, 1 boy.
top: f21
belt: h&m
shoes: clark's

after spending several days in utah, i came home to arizona.  i'm going to be spending a good amount of time here this summer before starting up teaching in the fall.  {who would've thought that at my age i'd be living with the parents again?! haha}  my sister rebekah and i love to buy the same items.  and sometimes we walk out with about the same exact thing on.  this twinning event happened the day my dad had open-heart surgery.  again, feeling very blessed for my family.  feeling double blessed that everything went well and that he's slowly but surely recovering.
 top: tj maxx
necklace: j.crew factory

most days in the summer i'm in shorts/skirt and a t-shirt.  once, maybe twice, a week i do get dressed to meet up with friends or something like that.
top: BR outlet
necklace: nordstrom via last chance
white jeans
shoes: sam edelman via last chance

hope y'all are doing well!  can you believe how quickly june is flying?!

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Blondie Bach said...

Please do a post on Last Chance. Is it online or a store in NYC? What are you doing with your degree. Two teachers that I know went to Harvard for grad school. One is teaching in Taipei where she is from with family.