Tuesday, April 30, 2013

april 25

oh man, the spring weather we've been having is unreal.  bless you, mother nature.

cardigan: anthro (may 2010)
skirt: j.crew outlet (oct. 2012)
shoes: steve madden wylie (aug. 2012)

Sunday, April 28, 2013

april 24

i love doing art with the kids, and they love doing it as well.
we did these tulip landscapes a couple weeks ago.  i always like to tie in some sort of poetry to our art projects, so we wrote diamante poems about spring and fall.  spring art adds so much color to the classroom!

cardigan: anthro (aug. 2010)
necklace: ebay j.crew knockoff (jun. 2012)
jeans: gap outlet (jun. 2010)
shoes: clarks (aug. 2011)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

april 22

happy earth day!
to celebrate, we watched a brain pop movie about humans and the environment, did art, and wrote poetry.  overall, it was a great day, not to mention the beautiful sunny skies we had.

blouse: nordstrom (jul. 2012)
jeans: target (apr. 2013)
shoes: steve madden wylie (aug. 2012)

Monday, April 22, 2013

an outfit and some news

hey, remember me?  yeah, neither do i.  it's been a busy few months; therefore, my blogs have been put on the backburner.  i don't know how much i'll be posting, but i'll try to pick it up a bit.  {let's be honest, anything more than a post every 3 months would be monumental for me. ;)}

6th grade has been absolutely wonderful and exhausting.  i've enjoyed every moment of this year.  don't get me wrong, 6th graders can be stinkers, but, man alive, i love them.  i look forward to every day with them.  like i've mentioned a thousand times before, i am completely smitten with my students.  they have stolen my heart.  i just wish i could freeze this moment and my feelings.

as much as i've loved teaching this year, at the beginning of january, the little voice inside of me kept telling me to apply for a certain graduate program.  so, on a whim, i applied.  and the craziest thing happened, i got accepted.  i'm still in shock over it, and it's been over a month since i received the acceptance letter.  so, starting this fall, i am going to be a student at columbia university's teachers college.  nyc, here i come!  i am so excited to go, and i'm feeling very blessed as well.  but, i am sad to be leaving my school and kiddos.

anyway, that's my life update. :)

blouse: soel boutique (apr. 2013--finally used a 6 month old gift card!!)
skirt: antho aine (nov. 2011)
shoes: steve madden wylie (aug. 2012)