Thursday, December 27, 2012

december 11

tee: J.Crew factory (Nov. 2012)
belt: Anthro (Jun. 2012)
skirt: J.Crew factory (Oct. 2012)
navy tights
boots: Frye Jane 14 (Nov. 2012)


Tayyub Khakan said...

Amazing post . I like your sweater design.

nicolle esposito said...

I absolutely love this outfit. I am trying to become better with fashion. Do you have any suggestions as to how become more fashion creative?

sarahboo said...

I have a question about your Frye Jane boots... I have been in search of the ones that have the smallest calf. I tried the regular boots (not extended calf) and they are gaping at the calf! Yours look great. Would you mind if I asked you the measurement of your actual calf and what the model number on the inside of your boot is? There are various Frye Jane sku numbers.
Thanks! :)

Miss Johnson said...

i wish i were more creative! i'm fairly predictable. it does help me when i look at various blogs.

these are my boots (mine are in leather and they were $150):
the frye melissa button boots have a smaller shaft. in fact, they're almost too tight for me. good luck!

Lauren Estes said...

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Kristina Cotran said...

I absolutely adore your fashion sense. It's very helpful to have a good model of how to dress professionally with style as a teacher, myself!

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