Tuesday, October 2, 2012

august 21

Woah!!!  Remember that one time I used to blog?????
It's been CRAZY busy since school started.  Wow, changing grades (3rd to 6th) and the beginning of the school year are so time consuming.  I'm surviving with a positive attitude no less.  My little class of 29 6th graders is so much fun.  I actually taught half of them back in 3rd grade; there are 4 classes, so I'm pretty lucky to end of with that many.  Although, 6th graders LOVE to chat and have more class discussions on pop culture than 3rd graders.  Such funny kids!

This was the 1st day of school.
necklace: eBay (Jun. 2012)
shirt: J.Crew sale (Jul. 2012)
skirt: J.Crew sale (Jun. 2012)--don't you love that J.Crew applies the teacher discount to SALE items?!

Anyway, I hope y'all are doing well with a new school year!

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