Thursday, July 5, 2012

happy 4th of july!!

Have I told you that the 4th of July may be my favorite holiday?  
I love everything about it: the color combo (red, white, and blue), the music, the food, the parades, the feeling of unity and patriotism, the time of year it falls (summertime), and especially the fireworks!!!
This year's 4th didn't disappoint.  My friends and I went to the city parade and then for a hike up the canyon.  In the evening, we went to the BIG fireworks show and saw Scotty McCreery and the BEACH BOYS in concert.  So much fun!!
I'm so lucky to live in America!

Evening concert/fireworks show.
tee: LOFT (Aug. 2010)
skirt: Anthro Calm Seas (Jun. 2011)
sandals: Target (Jun. 2012)

And as long as I'm posting...
A few bloggers have been so nice in giving me some awards.

#1: Liebster award
The cute Diana at Pictures and a Thousand Words gave me the Liebster award!  Thank you, Diana!!
This award highlights blogs that have under 200 followers.
Here are the rules:
1. Copy and paste this award on your blog.
2. Thank the giver and link back to them.
3. Reveal 5 other bloggers and let them know by commenting on their blog.

Now for the 5 fellow bloggers I'd like to recognize:
1. Rhoda at Mrs. Hahn Daydreams
3. Libby at Hello, Libby Dear
5. Lauren at Teachers and Class

#2 The Versatile Blogger Award
Here are the rules for this award:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
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#3 One Lovely Blog Award
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Angie at Timeouts and Tootsie Rolls awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award, and Mallory at {6th Grade} All-Stars gave me the One Lovely Blog Award.  Thank you so much, ladies!!

To mix things up, I'm going to give these 15 bloggers choose which award they'd like OR both of these awards.  Here are the fabulous bloggers I'd like to pass the awards on to:
1. Danielle at La La La
2. Marion at Marionberry Style
4. Amanda at One Extra Degree
5. Lindsey at The Teacher Wife
6. Abby at Babbling Abby
9. Lilly at Lilly's Style
10. Ramsey at Love, Ramsey
11. Sarah at Classroom Chic
13. Meggy at Chasing Davies
14. Pamela at Ginger Girl
15. Bonnie at Small Town Fashionista

Now 7 facts about me:
1. I played on the varsity badminton team in high school.
2. I like going to the dentist.
3. I love eating the peanut butter/chocolate combo (peanut butter m&m's...yum).
4. I have visited 29 states (lived in 4 of them) and 10 countries (lived in Israel).
5. I think there is nothing more satisfying than reading a book that makes me cry.
6. I wish my life were a musical.
7. I hope my future husband likes to share food.

Y'all are too kind with these awards!!  I hope you find some inspiration looking through these great blogs!

Wow, that was an epic post!  Enjoy your day!!


TaraMixandMatch said...

Thanks so much for the award :) Your skirt is super adorable!

Apples and Pencil Skirts said...

Thank you for awarding me! I'm very envious of the amount of traveling you have done--I don't even have a passport yet! Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

Rebecca on The Homefront said...

Thank you so much for the award! I'm also envious to read all the traveling you've done, what wonderful experiences. :)