Sunday, December 11, 2011

december 8

cardigan: Anthro Prairie Rose (Apr. '10)
skirt: Anthro (Dec. '11--this was a popback score!  I thought I had missed out on it a couple months ago when it took a 2nd cut.  Even though it's a couple sizes larger than I would've originally liked, I was tickled pink to see it popback!  It has an elastic waistband, so the size wasn't too big.)
boots: Target (Aug. '10)

{When I looked at this picture after I took it, I decided to untuck the cardigan.  It looked much better.}

My kids have been SO GOOD these last two days!  Woohoo!!  I do love that I get to really celebrate the holidays with my students--too fun!


TaraMixandMatch said...

Gorgeous skirt!

Brittney said...

P.S. You still look tan. Of course. I'm jealous. Of course. What it would be like to have such a great color of skin and not look like a ghost in the winter....