Saturday, December 10, 2011

december 7

scarf: H&M (Nov. '11)
top: TJ Maxx (Sept. '11)
black skinnies: Old Navy (Nov. '11--yep, I just wore these the other day!)
boots: Anthro (Apr. '11)

I'm funny about this blog.  I don't mind if random people find and look it.  But the second someone I know finds it, I instantly turn red and am very embarrassed.  {I'm so weird.}  I don't proclaim to be a fashionista.  In fact, I look at countless others and think, "Oh, I love that blouse!...Her hair looks fabulous!...I wish my outfits looked as put together as hers."  
This blog all started because my best college friend and roommate, Brittney {who lives in Ohio with her hubby and new little baby girl}, called me up and told me that she missed seeing my outfits in the mornings.  I told her that was funny because she and I nearly have the same items in our closets.  Against my will, she created this blog and email.  Britt bugged me about for 4 months before I finally posted an outfit to please her.  And to be honest, I still just post with her in mind.  {Along with my other best friend, Katie, who lives in DC with her hubby.}  So anyway, that's how this whole shebang started.


Brittney said...

Love the new blog look and I feel so special that I got a shoutout!! No need to feel funny about it- I've used your blog for outfit inspiration and would be mad at you if you stopped. :)

Keri said...

I am the exact same way. I love blogging, but I get self conscious when someone I know mentions it. I blog for my bestie, who lives in DC.