Tuesday, November 8, 2011

october classroom

Here's my classroom, haha!

 We wrote BOO jokes.  The punchline of the joke had to have BOO in it.  The kiddos were clever.

I accidentally deleted the picture, but on the other wall of the hallway, we did The Teacher Wife's Even and Odd Street and The Inspired Apple's visualization of "My Neighbor's Dog is Purple."

So, I've been wondering what to have my students give their parents for Christmas.  In the past, the students have illustrated and rewritten in cursive "'Twas the Night Before Christmas."  Each stanza is its own page, so the book is 14 pages long.  My students and I get very tired of it halfway through.  Anyway, I'm looking for a new idea.  Any suggestions of things you've done or that your own students have brought home?


lrnshelby said...

Oh my goodness, the Boo jokes are so cute! A few years ago I had my kids make a calendar for the upcoming year to give their parents.


Teacher said...

Great idea! My team and I were just talking about making a calendar the other day. I think we may do that. Thanks for the suggestion!!