Thursday, October 20, 2011

how to shop Anthropologie

A few of you have asked how I get so many things from Anthropologie and still have money leftover.  I buy all my items on sale; I've only purchased 1 full price item.  I haven't purchased an Anthro item in awhile (just because I haven't loved too many items as of late), but when I do, this is how I do it.  I learned this shopping method from other Anthro fashion blogs.

1. Create a wishlist.  Put items that you like on it.  Even if your size/color is no longer available, throw it on there.

2. Check your wishlist on Tuesday.  If Anthropologie is having a sale, it will happen on Tuesdays.  On your wishlist, it will show if an item has taken any sort of sale cut, even if the item is sold out.

3. Call customer service.  If the item you've been swooning over has gone on sale, get on the phone and call customer service.  You need the style # of the item; it's located on your wishlist near the picture.
This is what you say, "Hi, I was wondering if you had an item."
CS rep, "Can I get your name and the style #?"
You, "Yes, it's -----.  The style # is -----.  I was looking for the ----- color in a size -----."
The CS rep will then search the inventory database and give you the names and numbers of a few of the stores that have the most.

4. Call the store.  When I call the store, I say the same exact thing as I did to the CS rep.  The sales associates are usually very nice about checking the store for me.  If the SA finds your item, ask if she can ship it to you because your local Anthro doesn't have the item.  The SA will then take down your information.  90% of the stores don't charge you shipping.  Every once in awhile a store will charge me, which is a bummer, but it's ok.  One other tip: Anthro stores will pick up the phone before opening.  I live in the MST timezone.  If one of the stores is EST, I can call on my way to work (my time: 7:30, their time: 9:30) and the store will pick up.

5. Wait for your item to arrive...which can be difficult.  It usually takes a full week.

I don't buy everything on my wishlist that takes a 1st cut (ex. originally $98, 1st cut sale $49); heck, I don't even buy half of the items on my wishlist.  I've been fairly successful with waiting for the items to take a 2nd cut (ex. originally $98, 1st cut $49, 2nd cut $29) and finding them.  In fact, that's how I've been buying everything as of late.  Sometimes it takes a few calls to CS until I locate the item: different days, different inventory lists.

Good luck with all your Anthropologie item-finding endeavors!  Hope this was helpful.


Keri said...

Thanks for this!!! WOW! I feel enlightened!

Ashlee said...

Thanks! I'm beginning to think that even I could afford to by something every once in a while...

Jamie said...

I don't understand.... why not just order it onine if you see its on sale from their website?

Teacher said...

Jamie, the reason why I don't buy it online is because it's sold out in my size/color combo. :)

sel said...

I think I might start doing this because I love Anthro but I can't afford most of their stuff.

But 2 questions:

1) Do you know your size for most of the brands Anthropologie carries? Or are they all roughly the same cut/size? Because I don't know if my size will vary from designer to designer, and that seems important when ordering and given my second question.

2) Can you do returns if something still doesn't fit/work for you (once you receive the item you've ordered)?

Miss Johnson said...

oh, i can be all over the place. i try to read reviews to help me figure out my size. there's anthro close to my parents' house, so i try on a lot of things in store. if i don't know my size, i order my standard size. sometimes i'll even order, say, the small and the medium. and anthro is awesome about returns!!! so easy!!!