Monday, August 22, 2011

my classroom

Here's a tour of my classroom.  It's very plain.  Once we get going, there will be anchor charts posted and kids' work hanging.  The pictures start with looking at the front of the room and then turning to the left.  Enjoy!

 After we finish our chapter read aloud book, I choose a student to draw a cover for the book.  I post them above these cabinets.

 That empty-looking wall has clothes pins glued on.  That's where I hang students' work.  The blue paper above the cabinets is where my word wall is.
 The numbers under the cabinets are envelopes where I put the multiplication and division fast facts.
And there you have it.  Welcome to Room 73!


Jenn said...

Wow, that seems like a very big room! In high school everything is so minimal, with rarely any decorations.

Teacher said...

Ha, there's a lot of pressure to have a cute classroom in elementary school. As you can tell, mine is very minimal. I'm just not very crafty and cutesy. I wish I were. ;)