Sunday, August 21, 2011

august 19

Meet the Teacher was on Friday.  Oh man, I'm going to have my hands full with a couple too-involved parents.  Wow.  I'm already expecting 10 emails a day from them every day.  Why does my principal do this to me?  Besides those parents, most of my kids seem darling.  I guess we'll see how I feel about them come May...
Meet the Teacher.
top: LOFT (August 2009)
skirt: Anthro Calming Seas (June 2011)
shoes: Bandolino (May 2009)


Ali said...

Hi! I've wanted to write a comment to you. A couple of weeks ago I googled "how to dress like a teacher" and your blog came up. I am a young special education teacher for Pre-K and I always feel like I do not dress well. It's hard to when you work with children you are potty training, constantly sitting on the floor, getting spit on, etc! Sometimes I worry parents do not see me as a professional because of how I dress. I am not the most fashionable (it's hard to be when your 6 foot tall, have HUGE feet and a small wallet!). But I have to say great work on this blog! I like seeing where you get the clothes and how you create nice, casual yet professional outfits. Thank you!

Teacher said...

I'm glad I've given you some inspiration! Hopefully this new year is treating you nicely!