Thursday, July 21, 2011

july 20

top: J.Crew (June 2011)
shorts: Shade Clothing (July 2010)
sandals: Jerusalem (May 2007)

Went to my classroom for several hours today.  I got a few games and activities ready for some units.  I enjoyed being there.  It was nice using the copier, paper cutter, etc. whenever I liked. :)  My classroom needs a facelift.  I need to get some new borders.  I'll do that tomorrow.


aperkins said...

Following your blog over the summer and you are presh :) Dont know about you, but I'm excited for school to be back in just so I will have a reason to start getting dressed again! ;)

Teacher said...

Ha, as am I. It gets kind of old wearing the same thing for the whole week. ;)