Monday, July 18, 2011

july 17

Church. I'd like to thank Benita and her closet for providing today's outfit. :)
top: BR (Benita's)
belt: BR outlet (March 2010)
skirt: (Benita's)
shoes: Bandolino (June 2009)

We had a great weekend. Friday night a group went to one of the ski resorts nearby and rode the moonlight lift. The resort does it from June-October each full moon weekend. I love the mountains. So pretty right now. And then Saturday, we to the new Harry Potter movie. My roommates and I really like HPott, so we made everyone in our group a HP treat bag. We had such a fun time creating and assembling them. Thank you, Pinterest, for some ideas; check out my personal blog to see pictures. (You can also check out my roommate Megan's blog post about our Harry Potter weekend.) I thought the movie was really good. I most definitely shed a few tears at certain parts: Harry's walk to the Forbidden Forest. I'm sad the Harry Potter era is over. What a fabulous series! How was your weekend? Did you see Harry Potter?

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