Wednesday, July 13, 2011

july 10

cardigan: Anthro Parted Petals (May 2010)
dress: Layers Clothing (September 2007)
shoes: Anthro (Seychelles) Sweeping Stitches (October 2010)

Sorry that I haven't posted. My sister, Rebekah, texted this to me today, "Update your blogs. Geez." I haven't had too much to post in the outfit department, and I haven't turned my computer in a couple days. Saturday, I spent the DAY in my bathing suit (I'm not exaggerating either). Sunday, I wore this. Monday, I wore a white tee with sweat pant shorts. Tuesday and today, I wore jeans and a plain colored tee. Not too exciting.

I've been in a district class this week. We've been talking and learning more about the Common Core. Most of the breakout sessions have been about writing. I've learned more about quick writes, quick jots, thinking boxes, and quick tries. Do any of you use those strategies in your classroom? How do you use them? I really want to do at least of them a day. Is your state switching to the Common Core?


Rebekah said...

I still love those shoes...

Teacher said...

So do I!