Monday, June 13, 2011

june 12

Let me introduce you to my little sister, Rebekah...
She thinks I describe her as a 12 year old; she's not. There are 6 kids in my family: 5 girls, 1 boy. Rebekah and I are pulling up the rear being numbers 6 and 5, respectively.

We're wearing our church outfits. Do we look alike? Rebekah insisted that I do something with my hair.
necklace: Anthro Majorelle (September 2010)
tee: LOFT (May 2009)
skirt: Anthro Calm Seas (June 2011--I just got it last week. It got a 2nd cut to $30; then with the 25% off, it was $22.50. Rebekah got it as well; we did a charge-send.)
shoes: Unlisted (May 2009)

This little girl is going to be 19 tomorrow! Ahh, where did time go?!

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