Wednesday, June 1, 2011

beach vacation

I'm still thoroughly enjoying my vacation in North Carolina. I thought I would share a couple of outfits that I've worn thus far. I'll post more when I get home.

dress: J.Crew (March 2011)
sunglasses: H&M (July 2010)

Crabbing at midnight outfits--

Far left (Megan): Target (May 2011)
Middle (me): Shade Clothing (August 2010)
Far right (Benita): Ralph Lauren via Nordstrom (May 2011)

I nailed Justin Bieber's "Baby". I even got my drink (Sprite) for free. ;)
cardigan: Nordstrom BP (June 2009)
romper: F21 (May 2011)
sandals: F21 (June 2010)

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