Thursday, May 5, 2011

may 5

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I've always thought this was a funny holiday, especially since only one state in Mexico celebrates it. Oh well. I never complain about eating Mexican food.

Today I did reading assessments. I have two boys that struggle with reading, but this year we have worked so hard. I just know that they're not going to keep up their reading over the summer. I really wish parents realized how important reading over the summer is.
shirt: Anthro Caricaturist tunic (May 2010)
cardigan: Target (March 2011)
jeans: Anthro AG jeggings (August 2010)
shoes: Urban Outfitters (August 2009)


Skylette from SassySavvyStyle said...

Just found your blog and you are darling! I love your outfit posts! (If you ever want to part with your Anthro Field Game Cardi I will be first in line to buy it!) Haha, okay, maybe that was a bit much, but I LOVE that cardigan!

Teacher said...

Hahahaha, get in line behind my sister and friend. ;) It is a great cardigan! Thanks for your nice comment!