Wednesday, May 4, 2011

may 4

No outfit shot from yesterday. It was the district 3rd grade track meet, so I wore jeans and a tee. I was so proud of my students. They all tried very hard. Several of them made it to the semis and finals. A couple of them even placed! Our two girls' relay teams took 1st & 2nd. It was so much fun! And we had PERFECT weather.

My outfit inspiration came from Sarah at You, Me & Anthropologie. As I looked at her outfit, I thought, "I have something very similar to every piece she's wearing." That's one thing I really enjoy about fashion blogs. Plus, other people's outfits have saved me a lot of wasted time spent in front of the closet trying to figure out what to wear.

tee: H&M (June 2009)
cardigan: Old Navy (March 2011)
belt: Anthro (December 2010)
skirt: J Crew outlet (March 2010)
shoes: Target (August 2010)

I'm joining Kim's at Anthroholic shopping ban. I have been so good about not shopping these last couple of months, so why not continue it? Plus, it never hurts to put away and save a few more dollars each month.


M @ Cupcakes and Cardigans said...

I love this outfit! I really like the striped tee and how the grey goes with the blue cardigan! Great look!


Teacher said...

Thanks! I'm glad I saw it on someone else because I don't know if I would've thought of it. This tee is one of my favorites!! I'm going to be very sad the day I have to retire it.

Kim said...

Super cute outfit, and hooray for joining in my shopping ban! I look forward to your outfits!