Tuesday, May 17, 2011

may 17

My roommate gave me another outfit challenge. This top belongs to her. She wanted me to wear and style it. I love the top! I don't want to return this one either.
top: Megan's closet
cardigan: LOFT (hand me down from sister)
jeans: GAP (May 2010)
shoes: Bandolino (May 2009)


Ashlee said...

You look great! I am just starting my teaching practicums, so hopefully, if all goes well, I will be a certified teacher in a couple years. As I am still a student and incredibly broke I have been having a difficult time trying to find acceptable professional outfits (that I can afford- being a university student I pretty much live in jeans and t-shirts) to wear to my practicum, but your blog has given me some great ideas. My hope is that I can find some cheaper versions of many of your outfits, so I can be stylish and have fun while being professional. Thanks for the inspiration!

Teacher said...

You're so kind! It was a big shift from wearing jeans all the time to wearing jeans once a week. I think people have it stuck in their heads that in order to be professional you have to wear black slacks. Not the case with teaching. Have fun with your clothing. With teaching, you're your best salesman. It never hurts to be a little more dressed up than everyone else.

I hope you love teaching! I think it's one of the best jobs ever. It's very challenging at times, but ever so rewarding.