Thursday, May 26, 2011

may 26

Another year is under my belt. Wow. This year went by mega fast. My students were a sweet group. I look forward to seeing them in the halls come August.
pink tank: (Benita's closet)
jeans: GAP outlet (May 2010)
shoes: TOMS (June 2010)

Just so you know, I will most likely not be posting much throughout the summer. I'm writing this post in the airport. I'm heading off to a beach house for a week. After that, I'm heading home to be with my family for a few weeks. And, I'll be honest, I don't dress up much during the summer. I usually wear the same outfit for about 3 days in a row. Terrible, I know. But, anyway, I'll do the best I can.

Enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend!!!

may 25

tee: J.Crew outlet (May 2010)
skirt: Shade Clothing (August 2010)
shoes: Unlisted (May 2009)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

may 23

Today was our 3rd grade program for the parents. The students were darling and did a great job. It hardly feels like the last week of school because it's been so rainy and cool. Not typical "school's out for the summer" weather.
cardigan: LOFT (hand-me-down--yes, I wore it last week)
dress: Anthro Perilla (August 2010)
necklace: BR outlet (July 2010)
shoes: TOMS (June 2010)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

may 22

Church. Apparently I like to put my hand on my hip. It was a cool, rainy morning, so I thought I'd wear black. But when I came out of church, it was a lovely spring day. The weather is so fickle.
cardigan: J.Crew outlet (September 2010)
skirt: H&M (Benita's closet)
shoes: Steve Madden (gifted, April 2011)

may 21

Went to an outdoor wedding reception. Don't mind the messy hair.
shirt: F21 (Megan's closet)
belt: Papaya (August 2010)
skirt: Anthro Circle the Globe (August 2010)
shoes: Nine West outlet (July 2010)

Friday, May 20, 2011

may 20

tank: J.Crew outlet
cardigan: Target (2006)
jeans: Anthro AG jeggings (2nd cut, August 2010)
shoes: TOMS (March 2011)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

may 19

Another rainy spring day. One more week of school.
shirt: J.Crew outlet (January 2011)
skirt: F21 (June 2009)
shoes: Target (August 2010)

may 18

Even though I wish it were sunny and hot outside, I do like the rainy and cooler spring days because I get to wear some items that are too hot to wear otherwise.
tee: J.Crew outlet (February 2011)
cardigan: Anthro Blooming Lattice (July 2010)
pants: Anthro Striped Sailor (2nd cut, August 2010)
shoes: MIA Riza (August 2010)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

may 17

My roommate gave me another outfit challenge. This top belongs to her. She wanted me to wear and style it. I love the top! I don't want to return this one either.
top: Megan's closet
cardigan: LOFT (hand me down from sister)
jeans: GAP (May 2010)
shoes: Bandolino (May 2009)

Monday, May 16, 2011

may 16

Today, my team and I collaborated. I have the BEST team/coworkers! We get along so well and really enjoy each other. We spent all morning revamping and improving our homework packets; we didn't leave for lunch until 12:25. After lunch, we finished up working on workbooks and other items to be sent down to the district print. I'm so lucky that my principal/district pay for this day to meet as a team. We didn't get to really look over our curriculum scope and sequence to see what changes we wanted to make. I guess we'll have to do that after school one of these day. I also really liked being able to wear jeans.
tee: J.Crew (August 2009)
blazer: Anthro Peeking Lace (June 2010)
jeans: F21 (March 2008)
shoes: Famous Footwear (December 2008)

may 15

Church. I'm sad to see the weekend end. Yesterday, my friends and I rode our bikes to lunch. Nice weather + a beach cruiser = wonderful day. It was also one of my best friends' birthday. It was great spending time with her and other close friends.
cardigan: GAP (May 2009)
dress: J.Crew (April 2011)
shoes: Anthro (Seychelles) Sweeping Stiches (October 2010)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

may 12

MY KEYS WERE FOUND!!! A student claimed he found them outside. The story was a bit suspicious, so I kind of confronted him about it. He knows I'm on to him if he did take them. But honestly, 85% of me just cares that I have them back.
tee: J.Crew outlet (May 2010)
necklace: J.Crew outlet (February 2011)
skirt: J.Crew outlet (May 2010)
shoes: Nine West outlet (July 2010)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

may 11

I can't find my school keys anywhere. Oh dear. My keys were stolen in January, so I had to get a new set. I don't want to tell my principal that my new set is missing, too. Please pray that I'll find them. Thanks!!
cardigan: BR (September 2010)
dress: Target (August 2010)
belt: BR outlet (March 2010)
shoes: MIA Gigi (March 2010)

may 10

Today was our class talent show. I make all the students participate (piano, dance, throw a football, show a piece of artwork, read an excerpt from a story she wrote, etc.). They all did such a great job.
tank: Anthro Falling Fleurs (September 2010)
cardigan: J Crew Dapple Dot via ebay (March 2010)
skirt: BR outlet (July 2010)
shoes: Chinese Laundry via Ross (August 2007)

Monday, May 9, 2011

may 9

This blazer is another example of good things come to those that wait. I tried on this blazer back in November. I was a good little girl and waited for it to go on sale. Then I was an even better little girl and waited for it to take a 2nd cut. $30 score. Looking at this picture I realize I should've worn a necklace. Next time.
tee: J Crew outlet (February 2011) Yes, I wore it yesterday.
blazer: Anthro To A Tee Blazer (April 2011)
pants: GAP slim crop (September 2010)
shoes: Jessica Simpson Dafa (August 2009)

may 8

Happy Mother's Day! Too bad I'm a state away from my mom. She's a fantastic lady! I'm so lucky!
(The angle of this outfit does not do any favors for the body.)
tee: J Crew outlet (February 2011; I detached the flowers)
cardigan: Anthro Ambrosial (July 2010)
skirt: Anthro Scalloped Sailor (June 2010)
shoes: Steve Madden via Ross (April 2011--gifted) You can ask my little sister that I've been looking for black patent pumps I was stoked to find some at Ross for $20.

Friday, May 6, 2011

may 6

Today we went on walking field trip along our city's Main Street. The students absolutely loved it! We stopped at city hall, a bank, police station, the park, and the library. The weather has totally been our friend this week. Thank you, Mr. Weatherman.
tee: LOFT (August 2010)
jeans: Citizens (March 2009)
shoes: Famous Footwear (December 2008)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

may 5

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I've always thought this was a funny holiday, especially since only one state in Mexico celebrates it. Oh well. I never complain about eating Mexican food.

Today I did reading assessments. I have two boys that struggle with reading, but this year we have worked so hard. I just know that they're not going to keep up their reading over the summer. I really wish parents realized how important reading over the summer is.
shirt: Anthro Caricaturist tunic (May 2010)
cardigan: Target (March 2011)
jeans: Anthro AG jeggings (August 2010)
shoes: Urban Outfitters (August 2009)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

may 4

No outfit shot from yesterday. It was the district 3rd grade track meet, so I wore jeans and a tee. I was so proud of my students. They all tried very hard. Several of them made it to the semis and finals. A couple of them even placed! Our two girls' relay teams took 1st & 2nd. It was so much fun! And we had PERFECT weather.

My outfit inspiration came from Sarah at You, Me & Anthropologie. As I looked at her outfit, I thought, "I have something very similar to every piece she's wearing." That's one thing I really enjoy about fashion blogs. Plus, other people's outfits have saved me a lot of wasted time spent in front of the closet trying to figure out what to wear.

tee: H&M (June 2009)
cardigan: Old Navy (March 2011)
belt: Anthro (December 2010)
skirt: J Crew outlet (March 2010)
shoes: Target (August 2010)

I'm joining Kim's at Anthroholic shopping ban. I have been so good about not shopping these last couple of months, so why not continue it? Plus, it never hurts to put away and save a few more dollars each month.

Monday, May 2, 2011

may 2

I know I've worn this skirt 3 times in 2 weeks. I was really eager to wear this outfit. The top is my roommate's. She has never worn it and doesn't how to. I thought I would take on the challenge for her. Now, I don't think that I want to return it.
top: F21 (Megan's closet)
skirt: Anthro Circle the Globe (August 2010)
shoes: online (May 2009)

Today, a few of my students asked me about Osama bin Laden. It made me sad to realize that 3/4 of my class wasn't even born when 9/11 happened. I remember exactly where I was when I heard about it. It was a Tuesday morning. My older sister called and told my family. She was driving to ASU and heard it on the radio, so stopped and used a pay phone to tell us. My parents, younger sister, and I were just sitting down for breakfast. It was around 6:30 am. We turned on channel 12, NBC. We were stunned. Shocked. Speechless. Anyway, I am starting feel a bit like my granny: realizing that a piece of history is being forgotten.

Hope you have a great week!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

may 1

Church. It's May. Crazy! Today was lovely, especially considering it's been a blizzard for the past two days.
shirt: H&M (April 2008)
skirt: Tommy Hilfiger via Marshall's (August 2007)
bracelet: Anthro (June 2010)
shoes: Calvin Klein via DSW (September 2010)

april 29

Did anyone else stay up or wake up for the wedding? I loved it. Loved Kate's dress, timeless and beautiful. Loved when Harry turned around and looked at Kate walking up the aisle and then said something about her looks to William. Loved when William whispered, "You look beautiful" to Kate.
In honor of the wedding, I wore royal blue.
tee: H&M (July 2010)
cardigan: Zara's (July 2009)
jeans: Old Navy (November 2009)
shoes: Jessica Simpson Dafa (August 2009)

april 28

Loved this outfit. One of my boys told me I looked pretty. Ha! These kids are so funny. They have been a good class.
scarf: Benita's closet
dress: Layers Clothing (September 2008)
belt: Anthro Soft Bow (December 2010)
shoes: MIA Riza (August 2010)

april 27

This was a so-so outfit. My favorite part of it is the shoes. Best birthday present to myself.
shirt: J Crew outlet (March 2011)
belt: Anthro (December 2010)
skirt: Anthro Circle the Globe (August 2010)
shoes: Miz Mooz SoHo (October 2009)