Friday, April 15, 2011

spring break

This week has been spring break. This is one Friday that I'm very sad that it is Friday. Although, once I get back, it's going to go by quickly. End of year testing, class talent show, 3rd grade program, Hershey track meet, field day, walking city field trip, etc.

For spring break, I went to DC to visit my best friend and her husband. It was so fun to see them, eat at fantastic restaurants, and visit the District again. I lived in DC a couple summers ago, so it was great to return to my old stomping grounds. I love that place. I'm updating my personal blog; check that out for more pictures.

Anyway, I managed to snap a couple outfit shots.
dress: j crew (february 2011)
shoes: TOMS (benita's closet)

tee: j crew outlet (february 2011)
cardigan: anthro field game (july 2010)
jeans: anthro ag jeggings (august 2010)
shoes: TOMS (march 2011)

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