Friday, April 1, 2011

mar. 20

dress: BR (ally's closet)
necklace: anthro majorelle (august 2010)
shoes: anthro (seychelles) sweeping stitches heels (october 2010)


Sarah said...

That dress is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Classroom Chic

Teacher said...

I know! My friend has the best dresses. Classics, in my opinion.

For Goodrich(er) or Poorer said...

Hi, this is going to be SUPER random but I have a question...are you willing to sell those shoes? If so, what size do you wear? I know that those are random and creepy questions but I'm desperate! I'm getting married in September and they sold out before I could get them so I've just been googling them for weeks. If you're not willing to, that's fine! Just figure it couldn't hurt to ask.

Love your style! I majored in education and during student teaching I tried to spice it up, but let's just say it wasn't welcomed hahaha.