Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mar. 16

I got this necklace at the end of the summer for $10. I really like it, but I do not know how to wear. If you have any ideas, send them my way. I have worn it one other time here. I have parent teacher conferences tomorrow. Instead of doing individual conferences, we're doing an open house walking report card, which will be so much better.
tee: h&m (summer 2010)
cardigan: gap (summer 2009)
necklace: anthro majorelle (summer 2010)
skirt: anthro thousand days (summer 2009)


Amaranta said...

I would wear against a dark top and light skirt!

Kristina said...

Your look is so perfect for, love, love!!! =)
Kristina J.

Anne said...

first time commenting (I think)

You look great and don't need help with that necklace! It looks awesome with this outfit and the other one you put together. :)

Teacher said...

Thank you! I'm still getting used to wearing it. :)

CMae said...

This is random, I first googled this necklace (here we are 3 years later and I'm still searching for it) and your blog came up! I'm also a teacher too! I was wondering if you'd ever consider selling your necklace? Not sure how much wear you get out of it 3 years later if it's very much a piece you wear all the time or not. I tried to mesg you on one of your photos on instagram but I'm not sure you saw it?? So i'm trying on here to see if Google lets you know someone commented on your blog :) If you are interested can you email me back? It's kind of a long story but I'm desperate to find this necklace! I've checked ebay and everywhere with no luck!