Tuesday, March 15, 2011

mar. 15

Day 2 of the ponytail and braided bangs. :) I think I have said this before, but these AG Stevie cords are THE.MOST.COMFORTABLE pants ever. That's why I now have 2 pairs; I have to wait for them to take a 2nd cut sale price at Anthropologie.
shirt: shade (summer 2010)
necklace: BR outlet (summer 2010)
pants: anthro ag stevie cords navy (february 2011)
shoes: famous footwear (fall 2008)

I was so elated that Brad chose Emily in last night's Bachelor! (I want to be a beautiful Southern belle like Emily is. And she totally knows how to rock the safari chic!) Did anyone else think the After the Final Rose was interesting? I was confused. I think I need to watch it again.

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Jo said...

I was left confused as well....

cute outfit! I like the stripes and the cords.