Tuesday, March 15, 2011

mar. 14

My hair ended up in a ponytail five minutes after I got to school. This skirt is so comfortable. I am hoping to get a couple more wears out of it before it gets too warm; it is soft corduroy. Funny story about this shirt. I live in a different state than my family. I purchased it at the F21 by me. When I went home a couple months later, I saw in my little sister's closet that she had it as well. Great minds think alike!
shirt: F21 (fall 2009)
skirt: anthro field skirt (february 2011)
shoes: dillard's (summer 2007)

Oh, and here is a picture my roommate took of me leaving the grocery store. She loved that I am trying to help out the planet with my reusable bags, haha. (Did you notice the Scholastic one? That was a surprise in my last book order.) No, I'm just used to using these bags from when I lived in DC for a summer. Anyway, the point of the picture is to show you HOW bright my blue J Crew skirt is from this and this outfit.

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