Thursday, March 31, 2011

and...we're back (mar. 17)

So, my computer isn't completely restored. I still don't have iPhoto. Anyone have an iLife software cd that they'd let me use? I just don't want to go spend the $$ to buy it when I used to have it; I may just have to, though. I'm posting via iPhone and email; therefore, I am not doing a mega post. I'll do one at a time. Slowly but surely...

This was my outfit for parent/teacher conferences and St. Patrick's day. So festive.
top: h&m (april 2010)
cardigan: j crew outlet (march 2010)
belt: BR outlet (march 2010)
skirt: anthro scalloped sailor skirt (may 2010)
shoes: mia gigi in mushroom (february 2010)

Friends and I had a little St. Patty's party. Here's the spread...

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