Tuesday, February 15, 2011

feb. 15

I had to get back into "strict teacher" mode today. I have these two girls in my class that are BFFs--big time! They are so helpful and nice with me, but at recess and other times when they are away from me, they are not very nice to their fellow students. I have talked with their mothers, and after I do, they are good for a week or so. Any ideas of what I should do?? I think I am going to tell them that if I continue to hear from other students that they are not being nice, they will lose the privilege of going to recess or specialists. Arrrggghhh...
undershirt: layers
cardigan: target
belt: anthro soft bow belt
skirt: marshall's
boots: target


Stephanie Rose said...

You look warm, cozy and pretty today!

Teacher said...

Thank you! Luckily it wan't too cold today.