Thursday, February 10, 2011

feb. 10

Today, I felt my get-up looked a bit like this lady's. Tami Taylor is the leading lady in NBC's Friday Night Lights.

Wish I had her hair.
I think it was the boots. I LOVE Tami Taylor and her husband Coach Eric Taylor; I have a mega-crush on Coach. I'm legitimately sad that the show is done forever. No more Tim Riggins or Matt Saracen or Lyla Garrety. Man, what a quality show! If you haven't seen it, you should change that. You won't regret it. Here's the link that you can use to watch all the seasons and episodes. Or check out your local library; my library in AZ had seasons 1-4 on DVD.
dress: BR
belt: anthro cake something
necklace: j crew
boots: target


Rebekah said...

Yes, very Tami Taylor. Can't wait to watch the last ten episodes to see how it all ends!!

rnj24 said...

I love Friday Night Lights and I am thankful for Underarmour even sponsoring this season. Greek is also ending this spring. These are two of the best written shows on television and it is a shame. BTW, I love Riggin's character also!

Teacher said...

Rebekah-Hurry up, already! Heather and I are done.

rnj24-Thank you, Underarmour! I'm converting so many people to FNL's goodness. Love it!