Saturday, January 29, 2011

jan. 28

I decided to get my upper lip waxed at the local beauty school yesterday (Thursday). I've waxed it myself a couple times, but it's just too painful for me to do it. Anyway, I got it done. When I got home, my skin was on fire!! So, I rummaged through the freezer to find something to cool it done. A couple hours later, I met my friend at the gym. She confirmed my suspicions that my skin had been ripped off. As soon as I got home, I (again) found something in the freezer and then searched on the internet of how to treat this mishap. A few sites recommended applying Neosporin or vaseline to the area. Once I did that, the pain was gone. Thankfully! My students made the funniest faces when they saw my face. I told them that I drank extremely hot chocolate, and it burned me. Oh man, they totally believed me.

shirt: o'neill from costco
jeans: F21 (they are a jean wash but the lighting is dark)
boots: marshall's (they are a gray suede)

Here's a better picture of the shirt:
Here's a picture of my burn:
Any special remedies??

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AppGal said...

Oh gosh! That looks so painful :( That's too funny about your students...I can't lie to mine. They're old enough that they will call me out on it! haha. I had a similar situation several years ago. I was taking some severe acne medication and went to get my eyebrows waxed. Apparently the medicine made my skin extremely sensitive and there were chunks of skin waxed off!