Saturday, January 29, 2011

jan. 28

I decided to get my upper lip waxed at the local beauty school yesterday (Thursday). I've waxed it myself a couple times, but it's just too painful for me to do it. Anyway, I got it done. When I got home, my skin was on fire!! So, I rummaged through the freezer to find something to cool it done. A couple hours later, I met my friend at the gym. She confirmed my suspicions that my skin had been ripped off. As soon as I got home, I (again) found something in the freezer and then searched on the internet of how to treat this mishap. A few sites recommended applying Neosporin or vaseline to the area. Once I did that, the pain was gone. Thankfully! My students made the funniest faces when they saw my face. I told them that I drank extremely hot chocolate, and it burned me. Oh man, they totally believed me.

shirt: o'neill from costco
jeans: F21 (they are a jean wash but the lighting is dark)
boots: marshall's (they are a gray suede)

Here's a better picture of the shirt:
Here's a picture of my burn:
Any special remedies??

jan. 27

cardigan: zara's
shirt: anthro bouquet of stripes
jeans: old navy black skinnies
shoes: AE

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

jan. 26

I attended a district school-community council meeting the afternoon. Every person has an opinion about boundaries. I feel like my school is getting the shaft.
shirt: j crew outlet
belt: BR outlet
pants: BR outlet
shoes: mia gigi in mushroom

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

jan. 25

I love Nordstrom. Best customer service around town (along with Anthropologie). I bought my boots from there. They were looking scuffed up and worn, so I called up my local store asking if they carried shoe polish. The sales associate then told me that I could bring my boots in and they'd polish them for me FREE OF CHARGE. My boots look brand new again. Take away message: if you purchased your Steve Madden Intyce boots from Nordstrom, take them in to be polished.
dress: nordstrom bp
cardigan: loft
belt: anthro soft bow belt
black leggings
boots: steve madden

jan. 24

I love this shirt! I've had it forever. I wore it a lot the first couple years, but haven't worn it as much the last couple of years. When I dejunk, I reach for it, but then retract. It's just too good to let go. (In fact, Brittney wore it on her first date with her now husband. It has some magic.)
shirt: F21
cardigan: nordstrom bp
pants: anthro ag stevie cords in charcoal
shoes: jessica simpson

jan. 22

My idea of staying warm in the winter.
coat: eddie bauer outlet (score of the century!!)
boots: sorel caribou

Friday, January 21, 2011

jan. 21

My hair is in the awkward "growing-out" stage. I think it looks best curled OR in a ponytail.
shirt: gap
cardigan: nordstrom bp
jeans: old navy
shoes: jessica simpson

The clouds and colors were beautiful when I got to school this morning!

jan. 20

Man, the lighting is awful. I really need to purchase a camera. My skirt is navy, and my tights are a gray pattern.
shirt: layers clothing
cardigan: j crew outlet
skirt: anthro thousand days
tights: anthro berry bush
shoes: I was wearing normal gray boots

In case you didn't notice, I got some real snow boots. I'm deciding whether or not to keep them. They are way warm and would be convenient to have. What do you think? And which color do you like better?

jan. 19

I was warm ALL day long.
sweater: gift (gap)
skirt: BR
black sweater tights
black boots

jan. 18

shirt: loft
cardigan: nordstrom bp
pants: gap slim crop
shoes: UO

jan. 17

This is how I looked for just about all of my day. Around dinner time, I decided to shower and get "ready" for the day.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

jan. 15

I found a mirror door that belongs to a closet in my garage yesterday. My roommates weren't using it, so now I am.
Church. Basically this outfit. Just snazzed up a bit.
shirt: BR
skirt: BR
black tights
shoes: DSW

jan. 14

Since we stay late Thursday night for PTC, Friday is then a teacher work day. Love them. Did a lot of projects I've been meaning to do.
shirt: gap body
vest: filene's closet
jeans: F21

jan. 13

Sad story. My full-length mirror shattered. And I mean shards of glass EVERYWHERE. I wonder what bad luck will come my way. So, standing on a box in the bathroom will have to do.
I wore this for parent/teacher conferences. All my conferences went well. No one left upset. Phew...
sweater: j crew dapple dots cardi
skirt: BR outlet
black tights
boots: black ones from shoe carnival ($15 score!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

jan. 11

Yes, that was the temperature when I arrived at school this morning. Oh, and don't forget to factor in the 20 mph winds blasting from the canyon. Brrrr...
I didn't intend on wearing these boots the whole day. It's extremely icy walking to and from my apartment and car. Therefore, I decided to put my real shoes in my bag and to wear these boots to ward against falling. I remembered I had duty before/after school, so I wore them then and never took them off. Whoops.
shirt: anthro falling fleurs tank
cardigan: F21
skirt: j crew outlet (should've ironed it)
black sweater tights (these are warmer than my dress pants and jeans--seriously!)
boots: sketchers via marshall's

jan. 10

I love me some animal print.
shirt: loft
cardigan: express
pants: ag stevie cords
shoes: jessica simpson daffa

jan. 9

Church. I really like this dress; although, it's a little much to wear it without a cardigan. Banana Republic knows how to make a quality and classy dress. (I've had this one for 3+ years.)
cardigan: loft
dress: BR
belt: F21
shoes: black patent peep-toe tahari via marshall's

jan. 8

Saturday evening outfit.
I LOVE the black glittery TOMS, but I just couldn't get myself to spend the $$ for them. I went to Target Saturday morning and spotted (and purchased) these shoes. They fit the bill ($10) and my love for sparkly things. I'm a happy girl.
I'll probably wear this ensemble to school soon.
shirt: j crew outlet
cardigan: loft
jeans: old navy
shoes: target

Thursday, January 6, 2011

jan. 6

FYI that is not a fat roll on the right side. The shirt's care tag is there.
This outfit was a little too cold for January. Luckily I didn't have recess or after-school duty.
top: j crew outlet (Christmas gift from Ally)
skirt: F21
shoes: UO

jan. 5

iPhone photos will have to do until I get a new camera to replace the one that was in my stolen purse.
cardi: anthro ambrosial (sale)
dress: chadwick's
belt: anthro infinity (sale)
necklace: AE
shoes: miz mooz soho

jan. 2

I love this shirt. I wore it New Year's Eve as well. {nye outfit, except hair was curly}
top: anthro presently perfect (sale)
skirt: BR
shoes: sweeping stitches heels (LOVE them)