Wednesday, December 8, 2010

dec. 8

loved this outfit. don't mind the hair. had just taken it out of a ponytail.
top: BR
skirt: BR outlet
shoes: marshall's


MisterandMissesLem said...

Wow I hadn't looked for a while, and you have LOTS of new pics! I definitely LOVE this anthro skirt: anthro open vinework skirt.

I'm also really diggin' the boot socks on Dec. 8th. So cute.

I have an idea - when you come visit me maybe you can help me make some cute outfits? And maybe I'll save some $$ and you can help me buy some outfits?

MisterandMissesLem said...

oh, also...
i LOVE the black/white stiped shirt from anthro. I'd wear that every day.

Ally Cat said...

I want it!